harmonium troubleshooting

My harmonium has a buzz in one of the reeds. Shall I attempt to fix it myself taking tips from the manufacturer ?

The answer to that is a resounding “No”. You will most probably permanently damage the reed, which is very fragile in its construction. In most cases, it is just a piece of wood dust that gets stuck in the reed that will come out on its own with a little bit of hard pumping. However, if this does not remedy the problem, Please contact us and we will be happy to guide you through it, and even send you spares if need be.

We highly recommend that any serious Harmonium player buy The Harmonium handbook. This little book illustrates in great detail all aspects of caretaking and troubleshooting any of our Harmonium models. To buy this, if you are in India, please please email us..

If you are a non-Indian / US customer, please click here: http://crystalclarity.com/product.php?code=BHH